The Israeli army admits it mistakenly killed three hostages in Gaza

The Israeli army admitted on Friday that it had killed three Israeli hostages were held captive in the Gaza Strip, which they “misidentified as a threat.”

“During the fighting in Shujaiya, the Israel Defense Forces mistakenly identified three Israeli hostages as a threat. Troops then shot them dead,” the military said in a statement.

The army has been fighting intensively for more than a week against Hamas in Shujaiya, a neighborhood on the outskirts of Gaza City that is considered one of the group’s strongholds and where Israel believes they are holding several of the hostages they are holding in the enclave. hide.

“This is a tragic incident, the army bears responsibility” said his spokesman Daniel Hagari, who clarified that the soldiers encountered “many terrorists, including suicide bombers” in the area.

The army explained that searches in the area where the incident occurred raised suspicions about the identity of the deceased, so their bodies were transferred to Israeli territory for examination, which “confirmed that they were three Israeli hostages “.

The hostages have been identified

The hostages were identified as Yotam Haim and Samer Talalka, both were kidnapped by Hamas in Kibbutz Kfar Aza and Nir Am, respectively, last October; And a third whose family has asked that his identity not be revealed.

Their bodies were taken to the Hatzvi Center at the Shura military base, where most of the victims of the Hamas attack were identified, where their remains were analyzed and identified.

“Israeli Defense Forces and police officials have notified all hostage families,” the statement said.

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The army said it would review the incident “immediately” and clarified that Shujaiya is an “active combat zone where clashes have occurred repeatedly in recent days.”

“Immediate lessons were learned from the incident and were conveyed to all troops on the ground,” said the Army, which expressed its “deep remorse over the tragic accident” and its “deepest condolences” to the families.

129 hostages are still on Israeli soil

Of the more than 240 people abducted by Israel on Israeli soil during the October 7 attack, 129 hostages are still insideabout twenty of whom are presumed dead.

Israeli authorities announced this morning that they had rescued the bodies of three hostages taken alive by Hamas: a French-Israeli civilian Elia Toledano; and Soldiers Nik Beizer and Ron Sherman.

The army also confirmed this Friday the death of three soldiers in combatbringing the number of casualties in their ranks to 119 since the start of the ground offensive within the enclave.

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