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The ironic path of Ferrari

The ironic path of Ferrari

It is paradoxical that Ferrari has parted ways with his team leader, Mattia Binottojust in the season in which he had returned to perform at the highest level, a year crowned with four victories and another 16 podiums, 12 pole positions and the drivers’ and constructors’ runners-up. It probably doesn’t sound like much if we remember the expectations that were created at the beginning of the course, when the F1-75 aimed to take over the world. Or if we compare it with the devastating domain of Max Verstappen, with 15 wins added by himself. But if we go back a little further, to two previous unsuccessful campaignstwo years, 2020 and 2021, crossing the desert, with improper results of the sublime brand of the Prancing Horse, then the perspective of what has been achieved in the present 2022 changes a lot. Binotto, for better and for worse, has been the architect of this advance. And if the forecasts of the former technical manager of Ferrari do not fail, 2023 looks much betterwith a leap in quality in the developments that could not be completed this year due to limited spending.

Would a tremendous irony, nothing to be ruled out, that Maranello dominated the next F1 World Cup without the author of the work in the pits. The point is that John Elkann, the president, has lost confidence in Binotto, no matter how much he disguises himself as resignation, after a championship in which failures in strategy and reliability were excessively penalized, together with some grotesque mistakes at the pit stop. The decapitation of the project, as in any field of life, now leaves some uncertainties that also affect its pilots. The Swiss, for example, was the main supporter of Carlos Sainzwho is going to have to face a new exam, after an irregular season that at least managed to culminate in the top. Ferrari makes a clean slate… but with Binotto planting.

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