The IPL 17 schedule will not be released immediately, there will be big changes

A major update has been released on the Indian Premier League Season 17 schedule. The schedule for IPL 17 will not be released immediately but rather in pages. According to News 18 report, the IPL Governing Council Chairman is busy preparing the schedule for IPL 17 and the schedule may be released soon. However, due to the Lok Sabha elections, the IPL schedule will not be released immediately this time.

However, despite the Lok Sabha elections, the 17th season of IPL will be played only in India. News 18’s report quoted a source as claiming, “The IPL schedule is being prepared.” A lot has been decided. However, the final announcement will only be made after approval from the Interior Ministry and the Election Commission.

Despite this, IPL was also organized only in India in 2019. A BCCI official told News 18, “The schedule of the first matches of all teams will be released first.” Once there is clarity regarding the field polls, the remaining matches of all teams will be announced.

The 17th season of IPL can begin by the end of March. Currently, Team India players are busy playing the Test series against England. After completing the test series, the players also receive a few days of rest.

Additionally, BCCI will also focus on managing the workload of the players in view of the World Cup taking place this year. The last match of the IPL can be played on May 26. Before the World Cup, which begins on June 5, Indian players will have 8 to 10 days to prepare. However, players whose teams are eliminated from the playoff race can now be sent to America to prepare for the World Cup.

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