The iPhone X with USB-C port finally retails for $86,001

Recently, a student caught the eye by equipping an iPhone with a fully functional USB-C port with the ability to charge and transfer data.

O fashion Around this “first” iPhone USB-C took quite unexpected forms, so the student launched an auction on eBay to sell his engineering project to the highest bidder.

In the description, Pillnel explained what was really at stake: “The new owner of the phone has guaranteed a ‘true collector’s item for all Apple fans’, but according to the conditions of the offer, you agree not to restore, update or erase the phone, not to use it as a daily device and not to manipulate the internal components. The buyer can also talk for 30 minutes with the creator of the device to clarify any doubts.

The price went up very quickly. A few days ago, there were offers above $100,000. But these bidders probably dropped out because today the smartphone sold for $86,001.


At least that’s what several media reports report. like iMoresince the offer itself is no longer viewable on eBay.

For reference, a refurbished iPhone X costs about 300 euros on Amazon. Apple launched it in 2017 at a price starting at 1,149 euros, so the student made a good profit from his project.

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