The iPhone 15 Ultra will be the new king of photography with this asset

In September we will officially know the Apple iPhone 15. Until then, rumors, leaks, and speculation keep the news flowing with new details gradually making their way onto the internet. Now we are talking about the Apple iPhone 15 Ultra, the possible flagship of Cupertino technology by 2023.

The very existence of an Ultra model is, in my opinion, somewhat bold but not entirely far-fetched. The precedent? The Apple Watch Ultra with a clearly superior model, but extraordinarily more expensive than the other models. Could the same happen with the range of phones? Yes, easily.

Samsung gets there, the “Zoom King” will be the iPhone 15 Ultra

So far, there is little solid evidence that we can add to the list of facts in favor of its existence. However, now we have a new information leak about an extra camera for the Ultra model. More specifically, a telephoto camera with optical image magnification.

It should be noted that this is one of the areas in which mobile device manufacturers struggle the most today. That said, I see the integration of a new sensor and a new lens capable of optically expanding the image as plausible.

The iPhone 15 Ultra bets everything on the optical increase (zoom) of the cameras

Apple iPhone 15

At the moment, the current record holder in optical magnification capabilities is the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, with a 10 MP sensor with 3x optical magnification, another 10 MP sensor with 10x magnification.

On the other hand, the current iPhone 14 Pro Max has a single camera with 3x optical magnification, which is well below the main rivals in the Android field.

It should also be noted that the first rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra report more optimizations and improvements in terms of imaging and magnification capabilities. Apparently, we will have a camera with variable magnification, which will allow you to free one of the cameras.

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Apple’s priority will continue to be photography and video capture

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 ProMax:✅ 6.1″ and 6.7″ 120Hz display with ultra-thin curved bezels, dynamic island✅ Titanium frame, solid state buttons✅ A17 3nm SoC, up to 8GB RAM ✅ WiFi 6E, USB C 3.2✅ Dark red color ✅ Enhanced LiDAR✅ Periscope lens: 6X/8X optical zoom

— Debayan Roy (Gadgetsdata) (@Gadgetsdata) April 9, 2023

That being said, a camera whose optics can switch between different points/degrees of magnification will give mobile devices more versatility. Whether it’s the Apple iPhone 15 Ultra or the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, I think the main improvement is in the cameras.

We will of course have the possibility to switch between optical magnification and digital magnification: hybrid zoom. Something that Sony has also worked on with its best smartphones, the Xperia 1IV, for example.

According to all indications, we will be able to have a smooth and gradual transition between the different stages of the zoom to enlarge or move away from the object to be captured quite comfortably. Now, it remains to be seen exactly how Apple will be able to integrate this technology into its iPhone 15 Pro.

However, until September we have plenty of time to catch up on Apple device news and leaks. Until then, we remain attentive to Cupertino’s technological plans for the market mobile.

iPhone 15 Ultra concept! What are your thoughts guys? #antder

—Sharon Bava (@Sharon_Bava) April 9, 2023

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