The iPhone 15 can arrive without a SIM card slot

Currently, iPhones use both physical and digital SIM cards. This allows the iPhone to support dual SIM without users having to insert two physical SIM cards.

It’s a pretty useful feature, but when the iPhone 15 arrives, Apple could get rid of the SIM card slot forever.

This information comes from the Brazilian website iPhone blog Which states that iPhone 15 Pro will come without a SIM card slot. Keep in mind that this blog is not a common source of information about the iPhone, so we should take this information with some skepticism.

The iPhone 15 series is not expected to make it until 2023, which is two years before we can conclusively prove that rumor is true. Even if it were, the iPhone 15 could still have a physical SIM card slot in countries where eSIM service is not available.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard rumors that Apple is apparently working on a portless iPhone.

By dispensing with the SIM card slot, Apple could create a more homogeneous design that would also allow the phone to be more waterproof as there would be one less entry point.

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