One of the main novelties of the iPhone 13 family is the increase in its autonomy. The improvements are transversal to the four models, although not all have the same battery increase.

For example, the iPhone 13 comes with a 3227 mAh battery, while the iPhone 13 Pro has a 3100 mAh cell. Allied to its screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, the Pro model was expected to have less autonomy.

However, the latest video from the PhoneBuff channel reveals different results than expected. In fact, in this video we see how the iPhone 13 Pro manages to surpass the iPhone 13 in its energy longevity.

IPhone 13 Pro outperforms iPhone 13 thanks to ProMotion display

The result presented by the video shows a marginal difference in the autonomy of both devices. The 9 more minutes on the iPhone 13 Pro may not even show up in everyday use, but that gain does exist and it contradicts expectations.

The reason for this feat is the ProMotion-powered display on the iPhone 13 Pro. This can lower its refresh rate to 10 Hz on certain content, while the iPhone 13 fixes the display refresh at 60 Hz.

This detail was enough to overcome a 13% disadvantage in the battery of the iPhone 13 Pro. Something that shows us that the nominal capacity of the battery of a smartphone is not everything in terms of its real autonomy.

Note that these values ​​may not be repeated every time, depending on how each person uses their iPhone. However, fears are falling that a smaller battery in the iPhone 13 Pro is synonymous with worse autonomy.

I remember that Apple promised up to 19 hours of video playback on the iPhone 13. On the iPhone 13 Pro, the brand announced 22 hours of playback and now it is proven that the latter can indeed achieve greater autonomy.


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