DxOmark launched its review of the iPhone 13, a few days after doing the same with its Pro brother. Once again, the findings of this entity place the new Apple smartphone above the iPhone 12 Pro.

This means that, in the opinion of the experts at DxOMark, even the normal iPhone 13 can offer a better shooting experience than the iPhone 12 Pro. Proof that the new sensors of the smartphone have had a remarkable impact.

With a final score of 130 points, the iPhone 13 ranks two points above last year’s Pro model. On the other hand, it is equal to the iPhone 12 Pro Max score, unsurprisingly, because they use the same lenses.

IPhone 13 camera strengths

Disadvantages of the iPhone 13 camera

In short, the DxOMark entity considers that the iPhone 13 has an excellent quality camera. It stands out mainly for its good reproduction of colors and skin tones in most scenarios.

Stabilization was also vastly improved compared to its predecessor. The introduction of sensor stabilization, which was exclusive to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, contributed greatly to this.

On the downside, this entity highlights the iPhone 13’s mid-range and long-range zoom capabilities. This is easily explained by the absence of a dedicated telephoto lens.

So we can conclude that even the base model of the iPhone 13 line is one of the best smartphones on the market for photography. Proof of this is the tenth position this device reaches on the DxOMark table.


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