The Intrahistory of Rubiales’ “Strike”: Was It a Heatwave or a Strategy?

He most surprising day in the tenure as president of the Spanish Football Federation Luis Rubiales, who was selected to retire he confessed to his work team the afternoon before, made an early start at Ciudad del Fútbol. The press crowded the Federation premises and questioned the congregation members who approached the entrance. Luis Rubiales took advantage of the entrance of Galician President Rafael Lozán, who gathered the media at his entrance, to get into his car away from the headlights when a few minutes passed ten in the morning.

Serious faces and few words in front of the microphones, although the members of the assembly spoke discreetly with the cameras turned off. Everyone entered the premises to attend a historic gathering, the Resignation Gathering Rubiales is cornered by social, political and sporting pressures after the kiss on Jenni Hermoso and the obscene gestures in the Sydney box. News of his imminent resignation broke Thursday afternoon, which was confirmed by federal sources to the media, who contradicted information from offices on the third floor of Las Rozas.

Tense meeting with the Territorials

The 10.30am meeting with the Presidents of the Territories was tense as some asked for clarifications and reproached him for his attitude. Rubiales hit the Frontal resistance from Navarre and the Canary Islands. The Basque Country was not even present. To everyone’s surprise, the President asked her if he had her support. Something that surprised the Presidents, who fell asleep in Parliament with the information about Rubiales’ imminent resignation.

In addition, Rubiales made another important decision: Remove all Vice Presidents except Pedro Rocha, President of La Extremeña. His trusted persona and a leader with an apparent tone of continuity that the Motril man has chosen to remain in command of the Federation in the face of the foreseeable disqualification imposed on him by the TAD at the request of the CSD. So he abruptly separated Bestard, Suárez, Del Amo, Soteras, Martínez, Gomar, Andrés and Lozano. Some of them, like Lozano, with a political past in the PSOE, applied to succeed him as manager.

Another of them, Rafael del Amo, president of the Navarre FA and president of the National Women’s Football Committee, from which he has resigned, was the only vice-president of the federation to ask him to resign. What’s more, Del Amo confirmed this upon his departure Rubiales’ resignation took place until he came to the lectern.

But the closer the time got for it, the rarer the atmosphere became. Rubiales had changed his mind. “The chip has changed, I don’t know if it was because it was heated up seeing all the media publicizing his march, or if it was part of a strategyI would miss that a lot,” a Prensa Ibérica MP admitted to El Periódico de España, surprised by the unexpected turn of events.

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Fill the room with workers from the RFEF

Before the assembly, and already thinking of remaining in office, Rubiales performed one last trick before entering the room where the assembly was taking place. He urged association staff to stand up to fill the room. Only 75 of the 140 members of the congregation showed up and the President wanted to fill that gap. The television schedules of the association’s broadcast from the room, which the press covering the event were not allowed to enter, showed many more people than the 75 Assembly members who had come to witness the President’s farewell, a number that the Assembly allowed.

Rubiales went to the lectern without association tie, a detail no less for the leader, meticulous to the point of obsession. And then what no one expected happened. The Andalusian surprised everyone with a speech in which he blamed the victim for his act, the player Jennifer Hermoso, and announced even more that he would give up his retirement. He said it five times: “I will not resign”. To the surprise of a hall full of loyal Assembly members and federation staff who applauded vigorously, Luis de la Fuente and Jorge Vilda in the front row being as surprised as the others.

calculated maneuver

When you are ready, The Presidents of the Territories and other members of the Assembly fled the ship at a dizzying pace. Just a few minutes after 1:30 p.m., when Medina Cantalejo, accompanied by two members, crossed the hall of the Atocha train station to leave Madrid. The hypothesis that has been gaining ground among the most critical members of the Assembly is: The “beat” is no coincidence and part of a plan perfectly designed by Rubiales.

In this way, he calculated the times and consequences of a future temporary disqualification, leaving Rocha, his staunchest right-hand man and Vice President, in command to pull the strings of the RFEF from the shadows and then resume his position after the TAD fails positively. , as the one from Motril believes will happen. In his speech he made the following clear: “I hope there continues to be justice. Here’s the truth about what happened. Those are my explanations.”

At 12:24 p.m. on Friday, August 25, Rubiales uttered the phrase that blew everything up: “I will not resign.” An announcement that caused equal parts surprise and outrage. The announced resignation became a flight forward that now needs to be reviewed if it is the result of a run or part of a calculated strategy that the leader did not share even with his closest associates. There’s a party…

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