The Inter footballer who is tempted by Saudi Arabia

The future of prominent Argentine footballer Joaquín Correa could take a surprising turn in the direction of Saudi Arabian football. In recent weeks, several proposals from the Arab country have arrived at Inter Milan, which has opened up the possibility of a new stage in the career of the talented player.

According to account ‘SportItalia‘. Inter, after its tour of the Far East, finds itself face to face with a momentous decision. Both the club leaders and the footballer himself must carefully analyze the offers received. The player, known for his versatility and ability to unbalance on the offensive front, has left an indelible mark on European football.



Although Saudi football is not considered one of the most competitive leagues in the world, in recent months it has experienced notable growth in its infrastructure and competitive level as many of the country’s teams have managed to convince top-level stars to be part of their respective squads, which is being a claim for other players. For Correa, this opportunity could mean a personal challenge, but also the chance to line his pockets with a multi-million dollar contract.

At Inter it has been important, but not everything it should have been

However, his departure would also leave a void at Inter, where he has been a fundamental piece in the game scheme, despite the fact that he has not been the player he was at Lazio years ago. The club’s fans will be waiting for the final decision and, although it is not easy to say goodbye to a player of his caliber, he understands that football is a dynamic and globalized sport.

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