The Inspiring Women Leaders in the Digital Era Congress awards its UUPRIZE awards to disruptive projects led by Spanish women

During the days 27 and 28 of October, the Palace of Congresses of Málaga witnessed of the largest female digital talent event worldwidein which the most innovative startups led by women, with a business potential of 90 million dollars, have been awarded.

UUPRIZE 2022 Award Winners

1. UU SDG 5 Award, Gender Equality, delivered by Amelia Marín, notary and president of Zonta:

  • Idoia and Izaskun Azaldegui, from Minervart (Spain). Entrepreneurs in the Metaverse. With a gallery dedicated to art, culture and business, they promote the empowerment of women on this platform, both in art (with NFT’s) and business in the STEM field.
  • Renata and Diana Couto, from Women Force NFT (Brazil). They help achieve gender justice and put women’s rights at the center. With this startup they present an opportunity to raise funds to support the causes in which they believe.

2. UU ODS 3 Wellness, Health & Foodtech Award, delivered by Carmen Jambrino Maldonado, Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations of the Faculty of Commerce and Management of UMA (University of Malaga): Ana Medina García, from Genengine SL (Spain). She helps health professionals in decision-making in the face of genetically-based diseases. They facilitate diagnostics and complex therapeutic approaches.

3. UU SDG 7 Intrapreneurship Award, delivered by África Caracena, General Secretary of the Federation of Andalusian Businesswomen: Therese Jamaa, Vice President of Huawei Spain.

4. UU SDG 13-14 Sustainability Award, delivered by Loly Alejandro, General Director of Procter & Gamble: Gisela Ortiz, from Biota Pass, carbon and biodiversity certificates (Spain). ClimaTech platform that offers environmental solutions through technology, acting as a bridge between it and the real world.

5. UU Revelation Entrepreneur Award, delivered by Rosa Sánchez, Deputy Mayor and Councilor for City Promotion and Investment Capture – Málaga City Council: María Isabel Rojo, from Enthec (Spain). Cyber-surveillance and intelligence platform that shows organizations the information that is exposed on the network, accessible to anyone who knows how to search for it.

6. UU SDG 4 Education Award, delivered by Rosa Siles, Director of Andalucía Emprende: Oriana Circelli, CEO of Wow Play (Spain). Based on a subscription model, families with children ages 5 and up receive a monthly kit at home with all the materials and tools necessary to carry out a STEAM project.

7. UU ODS 17 Innovative Leadership Award, delivered by Teresa Alarcos, independent director and founder of WStartup Community: Min Chen, from Wisy (Silicon Valley). WeXchange aims to unlock the growth potential of women STEMprenuers in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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The W Startup Community believes that the winners are the Unicorn seeds of the global startup ecosystem and of the companies that, in the short term, will be the largest in market capitalization in the European indices.

The UU Prize was born to reward female entrepreneurial talent and reduce the gender gap, as an essential pillar to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) established by the United Nations.

This award and recognition is proof that there is female entrepreneurial talent all over the world and it is an unstoppable wave. We create economic value and draw the future by showing new paths with everyone’s ideas.

Teresa Alarcos, founder and president of WStartup Community.

Congress Speakers

On the other hand, the speakers who highlighted the Congress were: Nuria Ávalos, general director of Consorcios Digitales, who moderated the entrepreneurship table, aligned with the United Nations SDGs; Loly Alejandro from Procter & Gamble, who spoke about impactful emerging startups; Laura Serrano, representing AEMME, who moderated the NFT’s and Metaverso table; Carmen Chicharro, commercial and MKT director of Metrovacesa, who introduced the Ukrainian entrepreneur, Oleksandra Bogulavska, expert in Artificial Intelligence, CEO and founder of Data Science UA, to talk about the reality of startups and women entrepreneurs in times of war ; Marisa Poncela, NED from Aper; Marlen Estébez, partner at the Roca Junyent law firm; Arancha Riestra, co-founder of Toqio; Cristina Martín, founder of Usyncro, specialist in blockchain and logistics; Rocío Álvarez Osorio, reference in tokenization and director of MKT of Token City. Investors such as Sonia Fernández from Kibo Ventures; Mariane Guerra (from Brazil), Vice President of Latam at ADP; Christine Gerakiteys, CEO of Singularity University; Maria Aqueveque, founder and CEO of Maqueveq, a pioneer in blockchain and crypto.

The event also hosted 10 round tables with themes such as the value of startups aligned with the United Nations ESGs; of the Smart Mega Cities and the appearance of cybersecurity; of new sustainable ways of investing and creating value; of the future of the Metaverse and the NFT’s. Also about the future of education and the new generation of impact startups.

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