The influence of the planets on medicinal plants

The influence of planets on medicinal plants is a fascinating topic that is explored in sensory herbology. Did you know that planets influence the growth, properties and effectiveness of these plants? It is interesting to know how heavenly forces can affect our health!

Planets affect plants, but also all living beings. Sensory Herbology pays special attention to the energetic connection that exists between medicinal plants, humans and the cosmos. It is interesting to study this connection to better understand how our natural world works.

If we focus only on the perspective of scientific herbal medicine, we cannot consider this link as something possible for therapeutic herbal treatment. Science is able to masterfully show us how each plant contains physical and chemical properties that generate pharmacological actions in our body.

However, this exploration encounters obstacles when it comes to elements or conditions that cannot be measured with scientific instruments or approached from the prevailing method of current scientific knowledge.

However, there are many possibilities and nuances for the use of medicinal plants and their extracts in a complementary way to conventional scientific knowledge. Adjusting each herb to its specific function, a personalized profile is achieved for each situation.

The solar system and its influence on plants

Speaking of things beyond our reach, we can dive into the incredible celestial system formed by constellations, planets and satellites. Together, they create an impressive energy machinery in constant evolution, capable of influencing human health and the medicinal properties of plants.

Although astrology is a broad and detailed discipline, today we are going to focus on some of its main elements such as the planets, the Sun and the Moon. We want to highlight its energetic characteristics and its general therapeutics so that you can better understand this fascinating cosmic dance.

Sun: It is the main star of our planetary system and rules the astrological sign of Leo. In terms of human anatomy, the sun controls the major blood vessels, the heart and the pericardium. In addition, together with Mars, it plays a fundamental role in the circulation of vital energy in the human body. Heart health and emotional state are closely related to the energy coming from this star and its constellation. In summary, if you are looking to treat health problems related to the cardiovascular system, it is advisable to make herbal infusions during the astrological influence of Leo or when the Sun is in a favorable position. So you can get great results. Plants with yellow and orange flowers, with a spicy and warm touch, are usually those ruled by the sun.

Moon: that dazzling star that adorns the sky in the darkness of the night, is the astrological ruler of the sign of Cancer. According to belief, the human body is influenced by the moon, especially in areas such as the uterus, breasts and digestive system. Popular belief suggests that the moon can have a significant effect on the stomach. Herbal products made during the constellation of Cancer with the correct lunar influence can be beneficial in caring for and improving the health of the organs ruled by our beloved Moon. The white or nocturnal plants are known as moles and have special soothing, calming and emollient properties.

The influence of planets on plants – FIRE

Jupiter: It is the largest planet in our solar system and is also the ruler of the astrological sign of Sagittarius. Furthermore, the liver is the largest organ in the human body and is ruled by the influence of Jupiter. Therefore, it is advisable to develop detoxifying remedies and liver problems, as well as solutions for muscle ailments, vision problems and anger-related disorders. Jupiter-dominated plants typically have large, abundant leaves, purple or purple-hued flowers, and a generally bitter, astringent taste.

Mars: Finally, we are now visiting the planet of the warrior god where the first sign of the zodiac: Aries rules. The red planet is known to have a huge impact on the human body, especially the head and nearby organs like the ears, nose and eyes (except the brain). Likewise, the system of Mars affects the immune system and energy energy (along with the sun). Its energy is very active and can cause blows and accidents to those who have a bad alignment with this planet. Because of this, plants with healing and immunological properties that have thorns, red flowers and prefer sunny environments are classified as Martian plants.

The influence of planets on plants – WATER

Pluto: Pluto is known as a dwarf planet and is not part of the list of planets orbiting the Sun. Despite this, Pluto is the farthest from the Sun, which also makes it the coldest compared to the other major planets. Pluto is the destructive and renewing planet par excellence, being the ruler of the sign of Scorpio. Its impact on human therapeutics is manifested mainly in the genitals, rectum and anus. It is also responsible for regulating medicinal plants that have aphrodisiac properties, as well as those that can help regenerate damaged tissue.

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Neptune: We discovered the farthest planet from the Sun, except for the dwarf planet Pluto. Interestingly, Neptune, also known as the blue pearl of the solar system, is the astrological ruler of Pisces; the last sign of the zodiac that leads us to dissolution with everything around us. In Greco-Roman mythology, Neptune was known as the god of the seas and oceans. It was believed that the cold energy of this planet affected the fluids in the human body and had healing properties. This blue world stimulates the lymphatic system and body fluids. Neptune influences the human being’s emotional sphere, which is why herbs capable of affecting the emotional state are considered Neptune.

The influence of planets on plants – AIR

Mercury: It is the closest planet to the Sun and also the second hottest planet in the solar system. Furthermore, it is considered to be the ruler of the zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo. As for the influence of this energy on our health, it focuses mainly on the peripheral and respiratory nervous system if it is the Gemini energy, while if it is the Virginia energy, it affects the intestines and abdomen more directly. Some vegetables affected by Mercury’s influence tend to have sedative and calming properties or, on the contrary, they can stimulate the nervous system. In addition, the plants recommended to treat respiratory and digestive problems are also related to this planet. Medicinal herbs that prefer sunny places can be affected by this hot planet.

Uranus: we are now with the coldest planet in the entire solar system and ruler of the Aquarius sign. Human health is affected by many influences, including the central nervous system and the spinal cord. However, these influences go beyond the physical and the perceptible, as they also affect the mental aspect and the energy that governs inspirations, intuitions, thoughts and ideas. Uranus is the protagonist of this entire intangible world. Even medicinal plants with hypnotic, narcotic and entheogenic properties can be influenced by Uranus, as well as herbs that increase creativity and intellectual performance.

Venus: The hottest planet in the entire solar system is also the one that rules the signs of Taurus and Libra. This translates to health benefits in areas such as the skin, internal mucous membranes (throat and urinary tract), bladder, kidneys and internal female genitalia. Vegetables rich in mucilage are excellent for protecting and maintaining the health of the body’s mucous membranes. And these plants are also influenced by the planet Venus. Likewise, plants with sweet, soft and deep fragrances that penetrate our senses and fill us with love, beauty and inspiration are often influenced by this fascinating planet. Of course, herbs suitable for treating urinary system problems like urinary tract infections also have ideal healing properties for women.

The influence of the planets on plants – EARTH

Saturn: Saturn is a unique planet, as it is the only one with a spectacular ring system visible from Earth. This marvel of space appears to be a kind of boundary separating the planet from the rest of the universe. In fact, Saturn is responsible for controlling everything related to the structure and solid components that make up our universe.

Capricorn’s throne has a direct energetic impact on various parts of the body, such as bones, joints, nails, hair, teeth and pancreas. It is important to keep this in mind in order to properly take care of our physical health and well-being. If you suffer from bone or joint diseases, medicinal plants rich in mineral salts can be very useful. According to astrology, these plants may be related to Saturn as ruler. This amazing planet is also known as “chronocrator”, along with Jupiter, which means the master of time. Therefore, perennials will be influenced by its energy.

Each planet plays an important role and functions as a key catalyst in our universe. Everything is perfectly connected and designed to balance the energies of our being, providing us with a better quality of individual and collective life. We just need to know how to harness them effectively for our overall well-being.

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