The Indian stock market broke the backs of investors

Billions of rupees sank in the Indian stock market.

According to Indian media reports, the stock market lost Rs.

Concerns over a fourth consecutive month of rising inflation have weighed on the market.

According to Indian media reports, foreign investors started withdrawing capital rapidly, which has also weakened the value of the Indian rupee.

Experts say rising crude oil prices, global uncertainty, the Ukraine war, inflation and US monetary policy are also having an impact.

On the other hand, after a continuous decline in Pakistan for the last few days, there was a positive trend of trading on the stock exchange today.

Pakistan Stock Market: Positive trend in business after worst week of worst

On Friday, the last day of the business week, a positive trend was observed in the Pakistan stock market. At the beginning of the day, the 100 Index increased by 197 points after which the index reached 43,095 points.

Later the number of points increased to 300, by the middle of the day the index increased by 335 points and the index reached 43,254 points.

At the end of the day, the overall index increased by 468 points, after which the index closed at 43,367 points.

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