The Indian state of natural disasters, thousands of people trapped

Mumbai: The Indian state of Maharashtra has been hit by natural disasters.

According to Indian media reports, heavy rains in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra caused landslides in Uttar Pradesh Ghat, due to which traffic on the national highway has been suspended.

According to the report, alternative routes are being provided to several areas including Kunar, Panpoi, Chapner, Shiver Bangla, Nandgaon and Chalis village due to landslides.

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Due to heavy rains, rivers in Maharashtra have overflowed, floods in Girna and Tetur rivers have cut off the land route of Kaj village, Nagsar, Khajula, Neri, Nagar route and thousands of people have been trapped.

It is to be noted that it has been raining continuously for two days in Mumbai and its suburbs, due to which the life system has become chaotic.


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