The Indian minister forgot so much that he mistook the flight number for something else

In today’s age, when even a young child is smart, the minister of the Indian state of Nagaland was so forgetful that he mistook the flight number for the air hostess’s telephone number.

The ministers of India continue to adorn the media through their radical political statements. These days, Nagaland state minister and BJP leader Temjan Amna Along is being talked about a lot on social media and the reason is not because of his controversial political statement but because of his ignorance or forgetfulness that he used the flight number as the mobile phone of the air hostess. Understand the numbers.

According to international media, Nagaland Minister Temjan Amna Along is quite popular on social media due to her interesting posts and is one of the favorite personalities of the users.

The Indian minister himself discussed his stupidity on social media and tweeted a picture on Twitter which went viral immediately.

In the tweeted post, it can be seen that the airhostess on the IndiGo flight handed over a welcome note to the Nagaland minister with a handwritten note with the flight number on the front (with love) saying, β€œDear Sir, Today you It is an honor to have you with us. Thank you for choosing Indigo Airlines. With love, Indigo, 6E 7288.”

Temjan wrote along with the said post that he considered this flight number to be the WhatsApp number of Airports.


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This post went viral. So far, it has been viewed and liked by millions of users, with an endless stream of interesting comments.
A user wrote a very interesting comment that Sir! Airposts will give you the last 4 digits of your number on the second flight because it’s all business these days, nothing comes for free.

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