The Indian Army Chief expressed the threat of a major war with China

India’s Army Chief has said that the incursion of the Chinese army on the Indian border could lead to a major conflict due to the increase in border tension.

According to Indian and other international media reports, the Indian Army Chief, General Manoj Pandey, while addressing the event on the topic of ‘China’s rise and its impact on the world’, organized by Pune University and the Center for China Analysis and Strategy located in New Delhi. He said the power rivalry between China and the US is currently affecting bilateral relations between Delhi and Beijing.

He also held the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) responsible for the violation of border agreements with India and said that due to different perceptions about the LAC in eastern Ladakh, conflicts and disputed claims on the border areas between the armies have occurred. are still present.

The Indian Army Chief said that border violations remain a potential trigger for escalation of tensions, so there is a need for strict monitoring of border management as lapses in border management can lead to major conflicts.

General Pandey said, “Our concerns have been raised by the violation of 4 agreements on the LoC, due to which the Indian Army has rebalanced its forces to counter China on the northern borders and we have ample reserves.” and we are ready to deal with any emergency.

In another key comment, according to media reports, General Pandey said that China intends to become a leader in the new world order with its rise as a political, economic, technological and military power in the face of geopolitical changes.

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The Indian Army Chief said that its interference in the South China Sea, rejection of the decisions of the International Tribunal on Maritime Claims, activities in the Taiwan Strait and actions on the LAC clearly show that China is violating international law. Interpretation of the based system whose stick depends on its buffalo.

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