The Indian Army and ‘RA’ were also involved in drug trafficking

Indian Army and ‘RA’ were also involved in drug trafficking, Pakistan’s intelligence agencies foiled the plan of Indian agencies.

It has been revealed that the Indian army and the Indian secret agency ‘RA’ are involved in drug trafficking.

The battle of numbers between the Indian Army, their secret agency ‘RAW’ and the Jammu and Kashmir Police continues, and Indian officers are risking the peace of the region in the pursuit of their careers, their own weapons in pursuit of promotions and medals. The heads of the freedom fighters have started being smuggled.

Pakistan’s intelligence agencies have foiled the plan of the Indian agencies, according to which the Indian military, according to the plan, entices the forced Kashmiris into arms and drug smuggling by luring them with money and, when given the opportunity, impersonate the unsuspecting ‘smugglers’. is killed in the operation.

CID Kashmir’s letter to the Jammu and Kashmir police chief has surfaced, and its video has also gone viral, in which the CID Kashmir chief is instructing him to ignore the plan. Is.

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