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The indebted son cheated on his parents

In India, a man pretended to be kidnapped to pay off his debts and demanded a ransom from his parents.

According to Indian media, it was costly for the debtor to make a drama of his abduction. The police, acting on the complaint of the parents, found the abductee and arrested him.

The abductee’s bhanda exploded when the police caught him and he vomited the whole truth. The accused, identified as Shushant Chaudhry, said he was upset over the non-payment of the loan and took extreme measures.

Taj Pal Singh, a resident of Bijnor UP, started searching for his son after he went missing.

Then suddenly Taj Pal Singh received a message from his son’s number asking him to come with a ransom for his son’s release. The father lodged a report of the incident at the local police station on which the police traced and recovered Shoshant from Gandhi Maidan who went to the police station and told the whole truth during the interrogation.


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