The incredible prices that Brighton asks for Mac Allister and Caicedo

The incredible prices that Brighton asks for Mac Allister and Caicedo

The Brighton is being one of the most sought-after clubs in this market in terms of offers, and it is that the ‘Seagulls’ have several players who are standing out in a way in the Premier League and that they had also been doing it in the world cup. Bluntly, obviously we mean both Mac Allister like moises caicedo. Both the Argentine and the Ecuadorian are the most valued.

However the CEO of Brighton He doesn’t mince words when it comes to his main footballers either, and he won’t accept offers that, for him, are laughable for two of his stars. In his statements, the British manager was ironic regarding his possible sales: “The 47 million Chelsea for Caicedo? Surely the president would give the boots or the laces for that price. About Mac Allister? Our intention is to keep the block. There is no need to sell.”

-The prices that Brighton would demand

In this way, Brighton, as demonstrated in the sale of Cucurella, will not give in the slightest in its economic claims, since there is no need to make any sale. In order to reach a hypothetical agreement for the sale of both Caicedo and Mac Allister, the interested clubs, such as Atletico Madrid, they would have to offer around 100 million euros, being 80 ‘kilos’, perhaps, a manageable offer. So much Chelsea What Liverpool They followed both players very closely, but it doesn’t seem like there will be any movement in De Zerbi’s squad.


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