The incredible attack by a Ukrainian combat vehicle on three Russian tanks in just thirty seconds

For two years, a bloody Russian campaign has been taking place in Avdiivka, an important Ukrainian stronghold northwest of the city of Donetsk. The Ukrainian counteroffensive cannot handle this at the moment and its attempts are in vain. An example of this is this A Ukrainian M-2 fighting vehicle fired at three Russian tanks and managed to destroy two of them. All this in just 30 seconds.

Video of the Ukrainian accident captured by a drone was shared across social networks. Three Russian armored vehicles, apparently MT-LB armored vehicles, circulate on a street while the M-2 lies in wait. This, after it was discovered, He shoots at them, apparently hitting all three vehicles in half a minute.

The Ukrainian M-2 is a 28-ton vehicle with a capacity for nine people, equipped with 25-millimeter autocannons, day and night optics and additional reactive armor. It is possibly the best Ukrainian combat vehicle in service.

The Russians encounter Ukrainian armored vehicles around the ruins of Stepove, pinning down the northern flank of Avdiivka.

In the context of the war, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke out 617,000 soldiers were deployed in the military offensive against Ukrainean aggression that is intended to be sustained for the time being and whose end requires the achievement of a series of objectives, including the alleged “demilitarization” of the neighboring country and its “neutral status”.

He also reiterates that there will be no “peace” until Russia achieves its goals and Ukraine is “demilitarized.”

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