The incomprehensible excuse of the CEO of Alpine after losing Fernando Alonso

Laurent Rossi has considered that the figure of Oscar Piastri was decisive

Fernando Alonso is going to leave Alpine with a bittersweet taste in the mouth. On the one hand, he has felt very comfortable and integrated, and this has allowed him to offer exceptional performance on his return to the Formula 1. With this, the CEO Alpine has said some decisive words.

On the other hand, his stage in the Anglo-French formation will come to an end in just over a month after not having been able to find a way to reach a renewal agreement between both parties. The next challenge is Aston-Martin Y laurent rossi has reflected on the causes of the departure of Alonso.

CEO Alpine
Rossi acknowledges guilt in the departure of Fernando Alonso

Guilt currently hits Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi hard

Thus, the CEO of Alpine considers that the two-time Spanish champion will be in his new team. The first thing that Laurent Rossi has recognized is that it is very likely that the team and its leaders have not fully understood the needs of the Spanish driver, Fernando Alonso during this last year.

“It is possible that we did not do enough, it is possible that we were guilty, and I too, of having underestimated the needs that a double world champion has in terms of attention”, declares Rossi. “Maybe we thought he didn’t need to hear that he was the best, because we all know it and he knows it.”

The challenges that the Spanish driver will have to face next year on his arrival at Aston Martin

“But perhaps that affection was requested in the form of a longer contract and, to be honest, we could not do that. We had two years of exclusivity with Piastri and if I hired Fernando for more than two years, we would lose Oscar”, reiterated Rossi, who has finally been left without both drivers.

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Be that as it may, the reality is that in 2023 Alpine and Alonso will separate their paths. And the Spaniard will have to face a challenge that Laurent Rossi considers even more complicated. “They are going to face the same challenge as us, but we have a better position than them at the moment.”

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