Home Sports The incombustible Rabat races in MotoE “with the desire to make noise”

The incombustible Rabat races in MotoE “with the desire to make noise”

The incombustible Rabat races in MotoE

At just 34 years old, Tito Rabat returns to the World Cup paddock enrolled in the adventure of electric motorcycles, whose dimension is greater this season by having ranked for the first time in the World Cup instead of the World Cup, as happened in its first four seasons. The 2014 Moto2 champion is delighted with his new adventure: “There is a level of riding and I would like to improve race by race, reaching a podium or being close to it. I want to make noise where there is no noise. Maybe I’ll give a shout in the race so that whoever is next to me can hear me”.

The Catalan defends the colors of Pretti Pramac, with which he made his debut at Le Mans with a creditable sixth place in the first race. In the second he fared worse (16th), but he is seen with the desire and illusion of always. When asked that he has led him to the electrical grill, he does not hesitate for a moment when it comes to answering: “It is a very interesting championship and I race in what can be enjoyed and in what we can. This opportunity has come up and I take it with great desire. It is a new challenge, especially since you have to go seven laps at the top and this is a point where I can improve a lot”.

The point of view of the 12+1 GGPP winner in Moto2 about this new electric Ducati is very interesting: “The strong point of this bike is the electronics. At the electronic level, the electric motorcycle is clearly much better than a combustion motorcycle, because it is much more direct. The one you cut cuts more directly, and the one you open, too. It has less delay and it is something that is very noticeable. In the fast corners, it goes very fast. The only negative point is that you can’t brake hard as it is a very heavy bike, and everything flexes. And that the weight of its predecessor has dropped a lot, which I did not get to try, but which they told me was a chestnut. The only one I can talk about is the Ducati, and it has interesting and weak points. In addition to the one that I have already mentioned, it lacks chicha after you go over 180. It runs, but it lacks a little power. From 0 to 100, on the other hand, it does go very well”.

About your personal feelings and the hook who has lived in motorcycle racing, says: “It’s a new challenge, we’re still here, motivated and happy. I am here because of who I am. I still feel the need to run. I recently turned 34 and I still see myself wanting, strong and excited. It has come out, as always at the last minute, to run the Spanish SBK Championship with the Laglisse team, with which I won in Alcañiz without doing preseason or anything. That is the championship in which I have enjoyed the most in recent years and I have gone there even faster than in the SBK World Championship, because I did not have a good bike. And they have called me to replace Sykes in the SBK, on ​​a bike that is not very good, but in a very good team like Puccetti. They wanted me to do the Misano race, but I told them that I wanted to finish the season with them and that’s how it will be. It’s a pity that in the second race my chain broke, but the important thing is that we are active and fighting. Sometimes it is more difficult to make 15 than to finish first… So this year I am going to do MotoE, the SBK, in which I will miss Magny Cours because it coincides with Misano de MotoE and the Spanish Championship. I like racing!”

The good guy from Rabat is going to have a very complete season, participating in three different championships, but he is very clear about where we will never see him run… “I have never had an important direct sponsor, but they have taken me in many teams charging to run, in the SBK, in the Spanish Championship and even in MotoE. We do what we can and try to get the most out of it. The Isle of Man? You won’t see me there. I respect those races, but I don’t even like to see it. Everyone does what they want and they don’t hurt anyone, but I’ve known people who died there. Torras, whom I knew, did it a few days ago and it hurts me, ”he assures sensitively.

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