The incident of dropping the drone, the United States released the video

The United States released the video of the drone incident that was destroyed by the collision of the Russian plane in the Black Sea.

The U.S. military says a Russian fighter jet clipped the propeller of a U.S. MQ-9 Reaper drone, causing it to crash into the Black Sea, but Russia has denied any collision with the U.S. drone. , and has said that the American drone crashed on its own.

The US military responded by saying that Russia had taken an extremely unprofessional action, the US also summoned the Russian ambassador over the incident, while the Kremlin rejected US claims that its plane had hit a US drone.

White House spokesman John Kirby said in an interview with CNN that the MQ-9 surveillance drone crashed in the Black Sea and could not be recovered, and given the depth of the Black Sea, it is unlikely to ever be recovered. will be able

He said US officials had convinced the Russian ambassador that Moscow had to be more careful when flying in international airspace.

Russia has claimed that the US was collecting information and providing it to Ukraine through drones.

The Russian ambassador to the United States said that the United States should stop provocative drone flights near the Russian border while avoiding further speculation in the American media. The Russian ambassador said that it is hoped that the US will stop flights near the Russian borders.

Reacting to the incident, Ukraine said that Russia wants to widen the conflict after the US drone incident.

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