The impressive offer that unlocks Mirotic war – FC Barcelona

Panathinaikos has launched a mega offer to the player that is difficult to refuse and joins the bid.

The situation between Nikola Mirotic and FC Barcelona has reached a deadlock, as the player explores their options for the upcoming season. Although the Catalan club has made it clear that it is in no rush to end Mirotic’s departure, they acknowledge that the player is the first to be interested in knowing his future.

After negotiating with Olympiacos without reaching an agreement, Panathinaikos have emerged as a strong contender in the race to sign Mirotic. The Hellenic team has launched a mega offer that would guarantee the player four million clean euros for each of the next two seasons.

Mirotic Fc Barcelona
The offers and the negotiation process that could lead the player to make a crucial decision for his future

The situation of uncertainty of Mirotic with the FC Barcelona

Panathinaikos offer difficult for Mirotic to refuse. In case of accepting it, the next step would be to reach an agreement with FC Barcelona to break ties with the club and sign with the rival team. The player must weigh his decision carefully, since it implies leaving a team where he has played a prominent role in recent years.

For his part, from FC Barcelona they are calm and do not see the departure of Mirotic in a hurry. However, the arrival of such an attractive offer from Panathinaikos could change the landscape. The Catalan club will have to consider if they are willing to negotiate and find an agreement that satisfies all parties involved.

Panathinaikos enters the scene with a mega offer

Uncertainty surrounds the player as he decides where he will play next season. Listening to offers and evaluating options is a crucial part of the process for any player. The interest shown by both Olympiacos and Panathinaikos demonstrates the quality and attractiveness of the Spanish player in the European market.

And without a doubt, the war to sign Nikola Mirotic is in full swing. While FC Barcelona is in no hurry to close his exit, Panathinaikos has launched a tempting offer that would guarantee the player a significant sum in the coming seasons. Now, Mirotic must decide if he accepts this offer and seek an agreement with Barcelona, ​​or if he prefers to explore other options. Without a doubt, his decision will be crucial both for him and for the clubs involved in this battle for his signing.

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