The impressive numbers of Pogacar in the Clásica Jaén Paraíso Interior

Tadej Pogacar completed an authentic exhibition at the Clásica Jaén Paraíso Interior to get his first victory in 2023 after launching a long attack almost 42 kilometers from the finish line that nobody managed to follow and which allowed ‘Pogi’ to reach the finish line alone.

After the test and as usual, Pogacar shared some of the performance data on his Strava account What did you do during the race? The Slovenian completed 176.38 kilometers with 3,073 meters of elevation gain in 4:35:09 at an average of 38.5 km/h and peaks of up to 94.1 km/h.

Pogacar launched his attack in the Antonio Machado sterrato section and left solo in the lead after releasing Sergio Samitier in the Strava segment known as ‘Cuesta la Tenienta’, 600 meters at 9.8%, where he achieved the best time or KOM of this segment by completing it in 1:46 and a meda of 21.4 km/h, taking more than 20 seconds from the rest of the times in this segment.

The Twitter account @ammattipyoraily also echoes Pogacar’s data on Strava, highlighting that the Slovenian completed the last 41.7 kilometers of the test alone in a time of 1:02:45, at an average close to 40.4 km/h. It should be noted that the anomaly that appears in the final part of the cadence data is possibly due to the fact that Pogacar was forced to change bikes with eight kilometers to go due to a puncture.

Among Pogacar’s performance data, the watts used by the Slovenian at the key moments of the test do not appear, Although still without knowing these figures, ‘Pogi’ showed that he is in top form and with good legs after his exhibition on the sterrato in the Jaén Paraíso Interior Classic.

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