The imam who gained fame with cat’s paws during the prayer is on the public scene

A video of a cat climbing on the shoulder of a mosque imam in Algeria during the Taraweeh prayer is setting new records for popularity in the world. At the same time, Imam Al-Sheikh Walid Mahsas of Algeria has also expressed his reaction to this unique incident by breaking the fast of silence.

It should be noted that a recent video of Qari Dr. Waleed Mehsas during the Taraweeh prayer came out in which a cat jumped and sat on his shoulder during the prayer. He made no attempt to dislodge the cat from his shoulder, but calmly continued his recitation. The cat pressed its mouth against Imam Sahib’s face and got off his shoulder before going into ruku. This incident sparked a new debate on social media and some people have tried to make it controversial.

According to the Arab media, Al-Sheikh Walid Mahsas has appeared in public after the incident and spoke to him.

Pesh Imam Al-Sheikh Waleed Mahsas said in a video clip posted on his Facebook page that this incident of cat in prayer was ‘spontaneous’, I suggest that this incident should be left as it is.

In the video message, he thanked the Muslim brothers and sisters in the Islamic world and elsewhere who have formed a good opinion of him.

He further said that the religion of Islam commands good behavior and kindness towards animals and other creatures.

Waleed Mahsas, the presiding imam of the mosque, pointed out that he has not given any statement to any media outlet, nor will he do so because for him the matter is common and self-made and there is nothing to talk about.

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Waleed Mehsas also warned everyone who defamed him on social media saying that he will not forgive them.

It is worth noting that the Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowments of Algeria, Youssef Belmahdi, met with the famous sheikh in the video and the Imam of the Abu Bakr Mosque in Burj Bouarij city, Dr. Walid Mehsas, in his office. He was given a grand reception on the occasion and praised for his kind treatment of the cat during the prayer incident.

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