The idyll continues: Doncic, triple-double and new victory

Don’t let the rhythm stop. The music doesn’t end. That such an amount of talent can be imperishable. Luka Doncic has done it again and the Mavs take advantage of it again, this time with a victory against the Rockets in the Texan duel of the day, the fifth consecutive. Thanks to the invaluable work of the great hero, Dallas has gone from 15-16 to 20-16; to haggle with the stalls play-in to the fifth position of that impoverished Western Conference in which the games won and lost follow one another constantly without anyone standing out especially above the rest. This causes, for better and for worse, that there is a new dose of emotion, that everyone competes, that equality is maximum. And that the Mavericks, without playing well but extraordinarily supported by their impressive star, they have gone from being reviled to making a wonderful final stretch of 2022 which, despite not being brilliant, does help them take a deep breath and face what is coming in a different way.

Doncic did not score 60 points this time, as he did in that game against the Knicks that is history, in which he impossibly forced overtime and in which he also had 21 rebounds and 10 assists. But he came out again: 35 + 12 + 13, a triple-double that was already such in the third quarter, and a tremendous display that ensured the victory of the Mavericks. Doncic already had at least double figures in the three main categories in the third quarter, when he too had already surpassed thirty points. Since 1997-98, this unusual event has occurred up to seven times, Doncic starring in five of them. The Slovenian played less than 4 minutes in the last quarter, very positive news in terms of wear and tear, and left, yes, with a technique, the ninth of the season, eighth after the Mavs resorted to one of them. If it continues like this, there will soon be an automatic sanction according to regulations.

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It is Doncic’s eighth triple-double this season, an all-time record. In the first period, he went to 14 + 3 + 3. In the second, to 7+4+4. And in the third, to 11+5+6. All this before scoring two solitary points in a last period in which Jason Kidd decided to rest him. The advantage was more than comfortable (99-79), the Rockets had been gradually sinking and you have to take advantage of these moments so that your stars rest and do not arrive physically destroyed at a season finale that is still far away in time. In the end, 129-114 with good minutes from the Mavs in the absence of Doncic and a makeup of the result by some Rockets who are still bottom of the West (10-25). Good feelings and a new victory.

Jalen Green’s 23 points were the best for the Rockets, who also had Kevin Porter, Alperen Sengun and Jabari Smith in double figures. In addition, Usman Garuba had good minutes (almost 20, with 9 points and 9 rebounds, the leader of his team in this last statistical category). But the general trend was the dominance of those Mavericks who entrust themselves to their great leader, one who has scored 95 points in the last two games, who rebounds, passes, sentences, runs, was, is and will be. That he is able to be in several places at the same time and that nobody knows where he is. That he continues hand in hand with history and opposes an MVP who, without the Mavericks continuing with their upward dynamics, can win. That, on his way to turning 24 (he turns February 28) he has a quote from history. He is a unique, differential player. And everyone already knows his name: Luka Doncic.

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