The icon of China who ‘betrayed’ the US adds his first gold

It is a convulsive geopolitical context like the current one, Eileen is in the eye of the hurricane despite a movie life. At just 18 years old, ‘Gu Ailing’ has succeeded at everything she has set her mind to: professional freestyle skiing athlete, world-renowned model, gifted Stanford scholarship student, activist for women’s empowerment, and voice for change. . Eileen Gu was born in San Francisco, to an American father and a Chinese mother, and in 2019 she made the decision to represent her mother’s country of birth, which does not allow dual citizenship, so she had to give up being American… At least officially. “When I am in China, I am Chinese. When I’m in the US, I’m American. I have a double identity. And these two halves make what I am today,” he tells He explains: “Being able to inspire millions of young people where my mother was born is a unique opportunity to help promote the sport I love,” Eileen Gu wrote on Instagram to justify her change of nationality.

The local icon of the Beijing Games arrived with the firm idea of ​​adding three medals and has already achieved 33% of the goal achieved, by winning gold in ‘Big Air’ freeski. She started third before the last jump and made a 1,260 degrees that gave her the highest score of all the jumps in the final (94.50) to win the gold with 188.25 points, the first, provisionally placing China also at the head of the medal table and raising the decibels. Gu cried, laughed and greeted the hundreds of fans who carried their corresponding little flag with the national flag in the stands. Meanwhile, France’s Ledeux, silver, was thinking about whether the score received in the last jump would have been different if she had not come face to face for victory with Gu, the symbol of the organizing nation.

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He speaks English and Mandarin Chinese perfectly and besides being a sports star he is a professional catwalk model with parades in Milan or Paris, or covers in Vogue and Cosmopolitan; and numerous contracts with fashion or watch firms. As if that were not enough, his brilliant notes, which include doing the two last high school courses in a single year to prepare for the Games, have given him a place at the prestigious Stanford University. Che started skiing at the age of three and at 15 he won his first World Cup event. The Youth Olympic Games held in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 2020 were her explosion with two titles and the X Games 2021 catapulted her to sports stardom with two golds, being the first Chinese to win in the pinnacle of extreme sports. “My goal is to win three medals and at least one Olympic gold,” says the icon of the organizing country bluntly, which Forbes points to as the youngest person to be part of its influential ’30 Under 30′ list. It already has it and China looks down on the US thanks to its sports icon.


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