The ICC has broken its silence on the Ashes rally controversy and declined to comment on the referees’ decision

The 2023 Ashes series between England and Australia ended in a 2-2 draw. During this series of tests, a number of controversies also made big headlines, including a controversy over rallying in the Oval Test. In the 5th Test of the series, when the Australian team was chasing the goal in the fourth inning, the ball was changed by the umpires after the 36th over. After that, the Kangaroo team suddenly started losing wickets with the new ball they got. It also proved to be a turning point in the game. Amid the controversy over this, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has now sought to appease the criticism by issuing a statement on its behalf.

In the statement issued by the ICC on her behalf, she categorically declined to comment on the referees’ decision to change the ball. The ICC also said that all balls are selected before play begins. If the ball is changed in such a situation, the ball will be selected from the box according to the circumstances at the time.

Former Kangaroo captain Ricky Ponting slammed the referees in this controversy after the Australian team lost in the 5th Test by 49 runs. Ponting had said that the ball that was changed was not at all up to par. If you see both spheres, you will clearly see the difference. When changing the ball it is very important to choose the right ball.

After the Oval Test game, the ICC imposed a heavy penalty on England and Australia for their slow overrate. In the fourth test of the series, Australia lost 10 points due to slow overspeed. In such a situation, there was also a huge drop in the team’s point share in the WTC points table. The English team also slipped from fourth to fifth place.

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