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The husband who left the house out of fear of his wife was found by the police after a year and a half

بیوی کے ڈر سے گھر چھوڑ جانے والا شوہر ڈیڑھ سال بعد پولیس کو مل گیا

In the Indian state of Kerala, the police found the husband who ran away from his wife after a year and a half.

According to local media reports, the husband was identified as 34-year-old Naushad, who was caught by the police from a small village.

Nowshad’s 25-year-old wife Afsana filed a police report that her husband had been killed and buried. On Afsana’s statement, the police tried to find Naushad everywhere, but no trace was found.

When the police came to know during the investigation that Naushad was alive and had taken shelter in a village, Afsana was taken into custody and interrogated.

The police team nabbed Naushad from the village near Thadupuzha in Idukki district where he was staying in disguise.

Naushad told the police that he left the house fearing Afsana, she along with some people used to physically torture me.

After registering a case against Afsana, the police started further investigation into the matter.

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