The husband took his wife to the hospital with a snake bite

In India, a husband put his wife’s bitten snake in a bottle and took her to a hospital, where doctors were shocked.

According to media reports, the wife of a man named Raminder Yadav was bitten by a dangerous snake while working at home, on which he locked the snake in a bottle and took her and his wife to the hospital.

The woman was admitted to hospital for treatment. When doctors asked Ramendra Yadav the reason for bringing the snake to the hospital, he was surprised.

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He said that if you asked me a frivolous question about what kind of snake had bitten your wife, what would I answer, so I have brought the snake with me, now see it and treat it.

“Until my wife recovers, this snake will remain in my possession. I have drilled a hole in the lid of the bottle to breathe,” Yadav told the media.

He said that after his wife’s recovery, he would leave her in the forest.

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