The husband took extreme measures when his wife refused to cook chicken

In India, the husband ended his life after his wife refused to cook chicken.

According to Indian media reports, a man committed suicide by hanging himself after an argument over his wife’s refusal to cook chicken in the Premnagar area of ​​Uttar Pradesh.

The tragic incident took place on Thursday night. The deceased has been identified as Pawan, who worked at a furniture shop and was married to Priyanka four years ago.

According to reports, the couple also have a two-year-old daughter and Pawan often had arguments with his wife over her drinking habit.

On Thursday, Pawan asked his wife to cook chicken for him, to which Priyanka refused saying that she had already cooked dinner for the family. The argument soon turned into physical violence and Priyanka went to sleep in a separate room.

A few hours later, when the brother went to call Pawan, he was found hanging in the room.

Pawan’s brother said that he knocked on his brother’s door several times but no one answered, after which he asked his daughter to look inside the room through the window.

Police reached the spot and broke the door and recovered Pawan’s body.

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