The husband of the journalist Neida Sandoval dies at the age of 70

Honduran journalist Neida Sandoval reported that her husband David Cochran died on Tuesday surrounded by love and his family at his home in Miami.

The former morning presenter on Univision explained that Cochran, 70, had health problems after the consequences left by the three strokes he suffered in 2003.

Although it took almost two decades "with his fragile health due to the consequences left by cardiovascular complications as a result of 3 strokes and heart attacks that he suffered in January 2003"Neida shared that "his death was quick and unexpected".

"David passed away at our home surrounded by our love and care."he added.

"His death leaves us with a great void and we ask our beloved God, peace for his soul, and comfort for our hearts saddened by his physical departure. We love you David and we cannot believe that you are no longer with us"wrote the journalist.

People en Español publishes that Neida and her husband had two children: the twins Aliene Aida and Abener David, who were 4 and a half months old when their father suffered three strokes in the right part of the brain and a heart attack that left him immobile in a bed and his apprenticeship was stolen.

"David had suddenly become like a baby, he could not walk, nor show his emotions, nor put on his clothes or take a bath, he could not brush his teeth, nor eat alone […] The medical forecasts were not encouraging, but a combination of good doctors, excellent therapists, change in diet, medications administered correctly, care at home, family love, help from dear friends and faith in our supreme being today 19 years later David is still here and us with him"shared on January 13 Neida on social networks.

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