The huge hole in the bow of the Russian submarine attacked by Ukraine at the Sevastopol naval base

Last week the Ukrainian armed forces They attacked the naval base Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, in Crimea, which has been occupied by Russia since 2014. As a result of the operation, a ship amphibious assault and a Russian Kilo-class submarine We are damaged. Apparently the submersible was in dry dock and was undergoing repairs. In the last few hours, the first images of the ship with significant damage to the hull appeared on social networks.

The photos were published online for the first time Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT), an independent research organization, and in them you can see the direct impact on the bow with one huge hole. There is also another impact on the hull on the starboard side, presumably caused by a second explosion. The War Zone assures that the damage could have been caused by a Double Broach warhead like the one worn by Stormshadow cruise missile (supplied from the United Kingdom to Ukraine) or by SCALP-EC projectiles supplied by the French Ministry of Defense.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced this hours after this attack Ukraine deployed ten cruise missiles to attack the port of Sevastopol. According to Moscow, seven of these missiles were intercepted by the Russian army, which also destroyed three Ukrainian naval drones aimed at this port.

The UK Ministry of Defense later reported that the submarine was the Rostov-on-Don submarine, capable of firing Kalibr cruise missiles of the type normally launched to attack Moscow Ukrainian territory would be deployed. This submarine was commissioned in 2014 and is one of four of its kind in the Black Sea Fleet.

The attacked shipyard in Sevastopol is used by the Russian Black Sea Fleet to repair and build military ships. Sevastopol is also home to the Russian Navy’s main base in the Black Sea.

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