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The huge compensation to Simeone stops the dismissal at Atlético

The mattress club is still on the tightrope and that is why the change of helmsman is determined as an option

Atletico Madrid cannot hide in yesterday’s victory against Osasuna what is really happening, and it is his deep sporting and institutional crisis. This situation puts the leaders on high alert, who are already analyzing the possibility of including compensation for Diego Simeon in order to separate it.

However, this issue is complex to understand, since certain restrictive clauses are included, especially in the economic aspect. To be able to get it you have to pay, and not just any figure, 45 million euros must be paid. So immediately the signal has been to hold on and force his way out by his own intention.

Chiringuito Simeone
Atlético faces the worst moment since Simeone took over as coach

The only possible way in that sense comes because Simeone renounces that compensation

Paying a sum of that caliber is undoubtedly a root problem. Which forces them to have to appeal to the criteria of the cholo, who clings to his possibilities. The victory against Osasuna has injected him with that plus that he needed, on a complex terrain and against a rival that always puts the big ones very hard.

The other possibility is to wait for a response and for the team to pick up. In the end, tactical memory must appear and especially when there are such decisive clashes on the table, like the one that will take place in the UEFA Champions League against Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United.

Several options but the decision goes one step further

To say that many things come together, on the other hand there is the fulfillment of the obligation by Griezmann, which is known to be extensive; €40 million. And the high flow of wages that limit the economy in the midst of the recovery from the pandemic that puts everything uphill.

Pochettino, Marcelino, Ernesto Valverde and some more are still on that list, waiting for a final resolution. It will be necessary to see in the finality what happens, and what will be the response of the presidency before what they consider the deepest crisis of the last decade in the club.

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