The hospitality industry has billed 13.6% more through digital payments

The hospitality sector has entered a 13.6% more through card and device charges contactless during the summer months in relation to the same period of the previous year. This is clear from a study prepared by the payment solutions company UniversalPay, which reveals a progressive change in customer behavior at the time of carrying out transactions, and the consolidation of the tendency to limit the use of cash accelerated by the pandemic.

Specifically, and if we take into account the monthly figures from last year, electronic payment in hospitality has increased every summer: this September lcard billing has been 18% higher that in the same month of 2020; in August it increased by 12% compared to the same period of the previous year; and in July the collection with this method was 11% higher than the July 2020 numbers.

However, in absolute figures, only during this summer, August has been the month in which the hospitality sector has entered the most through card payments: 25% more than in September and 11% more than in July.

As you value it Arístides Santana, Commercial Director of UniversalPay, these increases show that “The payment habits of Spaniards have been digitized and the use of contactless cards and devices is becoming more and more popular, also at leisure and when the amount to be paid is less.”

Tourism and sanitary restrictions in the hospitality industry

Although it is true that there is an upward trend in the use of card payment in hostelry, the popularization of this payment method is uneven by autonomous communities. This is what it indicates Santana: “On the one hand, the number of tourists received, their origin and, on the other, the more or less relaxed restrictions imposed by the autonomous communities on the sector, have contributed to speeding up or slowing down the introduction of card transactions among customers. during their vacations in a still atypical summer ”.

Indeed, the UniversalPay study has found a greater increase in card billing in the north center of the country, where an increase in collection with this payment method stands out in Asturias, a community in which it was multiplied by more than three, or in Cantabria, where the amount billed with a card has almost doubled compared to last year.

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Also the center, the south and the interior of the Peninsula have experienced strong increases, especially “Due to the displacement of many Spaniards to the towns during the summer period” aim Santana. Thus, the hospitality of Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura they have doubled the total collection in this way.

On the other hand, if in Castilla y León this trend has increased more than 57%, and in Andalusia more than 53%, in La Rioja and Madrid it has remained, although experiencing a slight increase of 10% and 5% , respectively. In this sense, Santana remember that “In communities like Madrid, this type of payment is much more popular, so the growth margin is lower and, in addition, during the summer period the capital decreases its population considerably.”

Although in the two archipelagos also important growths have been appreciated, with 60% in the Canary Islands and 44% in the Balearic Islands, on the contrary, in the Levante peninsular, billing through card payments has decreased: 39% in Murcia, 7% in the Valencian Community and 14 % in Catalonia. “Possibly, less movement to these areas of foreign travelers has contributed to this”, Santana points out.

What’s more, in Aragon the amount collected in this way has decreased by almost a third, and in Navarra, billing with a hospitality card has been reduced by 43%. For their part, Galicia and the Basque Country, with a decrease each of 78% and 55%, are the other communities where the collection of the hospitality sector through card payment has decreased this summer in relation to the summer period of the year previous.

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