The hitting coach was angered by the performance of the Indian team, he said this in praise of Virat Kohli.

Team India hitting coach Vikram Rathor praised Virat Kohli after the end of the first day of play of the Cape Town test match. However, Rathod is not happy with the performance of the Indian team. He said India was down to 223 runs in the first innings which is a poor performance. That was unexpected. Vikram said about Kohli that he got the advantage of playing more disciplined offside. Kohli scored 79 runs in the first innings.

Rathod said in the media interaction after the game: “Kohli was hitting sloppily. There was no concern in them. He’s always been hitting well. That’s what I thought as a hitting coach, I never worried that he wasn’t hitting well. he was doing well in the nets, Virat also looked good in the match, scoring runs after a good start.

He said: “Today was a good occasion, he was very disciplined. I agree that he was doing very well with some luck also supporting him. He could have made it a great tackle, but I’m happy with the way he played.

The hitting coach of the India team is not very happy with the performance of the whole team. “These are challenging situations where scoring runs is not easy. But you’re right, we played very badly. We could have added 50-60 more runs, that’s what we expected at least.


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