Many actresses made their place in Bollywood, one of which is Sarika. Sarika’s life went through many ups and downs. She had to face many problems in her personal life. We tell you that Sarika began her work in the world of cinema as a child artist. She was quite popular as a child artist, but let us tell you that Ella Sarika came to the world of cinema not by her own will but by her compulsion.

Actually, when Sarika was young, her father had left the whole family and gone somewhere. There was no one to win in the house, so the responsibility for the house fell to Sarika’s mother. For this reason, Sarika also started working in movies at a very young age to support his mother. Sarika was never able to go to school due to the poor financial conditions of the house. According to media reports, his mother used to keep everything Sarika had earned since childhood.

This trend continued even after Sarika grew up. Fed up with her mother’s domineering behaviour, Sarika left home and started living alone in Chennai. It was here that she met actor Kamal Haasan and they were close to her. Both of them began to live in live and during this time she Sarika gave birth to a daughter named Shruti. Sarika and Kamal Haasan got married after Shruti’s birth.

After this, they both became parents to another daughter, Akshara, but their relationship broke down. In 2005, both divorced by mutual consent, but the daughters dealt Sarika a big blow. After the divorce, the daughters thought that it was better to stay with the father Kamal Haasan instead of Sarika, which hurt Sarika very much. Because of this, there was a break in the daughters and their relationship, although after many years their relationship is now normal.


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