Home Sports The historic day in which Luis García eliminated Barça

The historic day in which Luis García eliminated Barça

The historic day in which Luis García eliminated Barça

All will be new for Luis Garcia this Sunday, in his premiere in a derby in the First Division as coach of Espanyol. In other circumstances, the parakeet technician yes it has experienced the atmosphere of these partiesespecially as player, when the Barça team was measured up to 20 times with a balance of two victories (both with Espanyol) and 13 defeats. But also knows what it is face Barcelona sitting on the bench, in his stage as Damm coach. In the Youth Division of Honor, the Asturian team it was a headache for the blaugrana

LaLiga Santander 2022/2023

Classification pts PG PE PP
18Getafe 3. 4 8 10 fifteen
19Spanish 31 7 10 16
twentyElche 16 3 7 23

Complete classification

next matches
Spanish -Barcelona D-14/05 21:00
Ray – Spanish D-21/05 14:00
Spanish – athletic M-24/05 22:00


*Data updated as of May 11, 2023

His great moment as coach of the damn took place at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper andl January 22, 2022. The Barcelona team had managed to qualify for the Copa del Rey, a success that had happened a few times in its history. Curiously, the last Damm that played in the Cup was in 2015 with Edu Expósito, now at orders from Luis García at Espanyol, in that squad. That Damm of a Luis García who was facing his last year on the bench assaulted a Barça that had players like Chadi Riad, Ángel Alarcón, Estanislau Pedrola or Ilias Akhomach on its squad, who have already made their debut in the First Division.

“There is only three things you cannot do: lower your arms it’s the first; the second is not be ourselves until the last minute; and the third not enjoy. I want you to know one thing: this doesn’t come back”the coach told them in the initial talk before the game, according to the documentary film that published the Damm recently. Luis García raised the game from the emotional aspect but also from the football point of view, with pressure on the ball coming out of Barcelona that led to the goal of Alex Almansa. A 0-1 that was definitive.

La Damm had moments of everything in that game. Some of domain, others of suffering, but there was his goalkeeper Nil Ruiz to stop it all: He did so well that the following year he was signed by Barcelona Atlètic itself. Before that, the beer team celebrated the victory in style, even Luis García shed tears on the pitch of Joan Gamper. Later, in the locker roomI would give another speech which he synthesized like this: “He was crazy and he had an idea, and 23 crazy people had to follow it. The one who believes in an idea is the most dangerous team”. A recipe that will apply this Sunday. Those 25 crazy people will have to beat Barcelona to believe that salvation is still possible.

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