Home Sports The heir to Jago Aspas that Celta wants to win back

The heir to Jago Aspas that Celta wants to win back

They are waiting for a top player from the heavenly club who will take care of the legacy of the legendary striker

Iago Aspas starts a new season at RC Celta. And that of Moaña is a real symbol in the Vigo club and plays a role in every season of the Balaídos team. At 36, he is still active, but his retirement is approaching and there is already talk of a player who can take on the goalscorer role.

Let’s remember that so far this season Iago Aspas had fewer minutes at RC Celta. All this on behalf of Rafa Benítez, who chose other players to attack. However, the work he does both on and off the field is remarkable and something that adds up.

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The experienced striker has a quality successor

RC Celta finds the perfect successor for Jago Aspas: they have to convince him to return to Balaídos

In this way it could be established that there is a name that creates a consensus among the celestials. They want to recover one of the last stars to emerge from their quarry So that he can be the key player for the following seasons and continue the striker’s legacy acquired through great performances and goals.

In this order of ideas, The player appointed to replace Iago Aspas at RC Celta is none other than Gabri Veiga. A footballer of immense talent who showed signs of it in the short time he spent defending the light blue jersey with the first team. Before his departure, he scored 11 goals in the 36 games he played with Balaídos.

At some point, Gabri Veiga thought about returning to Celta

Therefore, many fans agree that the player who should take over Moaña’s role is the attacking midfielder. This won’t be an easy thing considering he went to Saudi Arabia to play for Al Ahli. However, there is a glimmer of hope that has to do with how little he has played in this league.

Gabri Veiga played 15 games all season and scored 4 goals. Despite playing a prominent role at a club, he does not feel important and is one of those who are thinking about returning to Europe soon. In addition, at 21 years old, he is a promising footballer who can offer many seasons at the highest level.

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