The heat leads Mexican families to bathe in the Rio Grande

The atypical heat wave on the northern border of Mexico, with temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, shores families from Mexico’s Ciudad Juárez to bathe in the Rio Grande, on the border with the United States, despite the contamination and the presence from the Border Patrol.

“With the air conditioning we can’t cope and it is very hot, that’s why I said: So let’s go to the river. I had already come before and now I came with my family”, Carlos Macías commented to EFE while his family swam in the murky waters of the Rio Grande, just where the Mexican state of Chihuahua joins New Mexico and Texas, in the United States.

In the last two weeks, the temperature has exceeded on several occasions 40 degrees in Ciudad Juárezwith maximum peaks of 43, an atypical situation for this border.

Well, the heat is strong, and we come to cool offIt feels cooler walking soaked in the water,” added Esther Flores, who still had her wet clothes on the south bank of the river that divides Mexico and the United States.

As families play in the water, a Border Patrol vehicle occasionally passes to prevent people from crossing the border without immigration documents, amid an exodus of Central Americans seeking to reach the United States through the Ciudad Juárez border with Step.

But the high temperatures that have affected Mexico for a month, they motivate families like Esther to take the risk.

“We had not experienced (such intense heat), we are just entering a strong heat, last week we dehydrated from the heat,” added the mother of the family.

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In addition, the authorities of both countries constantly recommend not swimming in the Rio Grande to avoid accidents and because of its dirt, but citizens without resources to mitigate the impact of high temperatures ignore it.

“We just come to spend some time with the family, to distract ourselves from work because (the heat) is very strong and it’s only free here,” said Víctor Reyes, who took his children to the tributary to escape routine and high temperatures. .

“ANDor I’m from here in Juárez and really they hadn’t touched me as hard as now”, he mentioned.

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