The heartbreaking video of the Syrian girl made people cry

The ongoing civil war in Syria since 2011 has affected not hundreds and thousands but millions of people.

The Syrian civil war and its related events are the worst tragedy of the 21st century and it seems that this tragedy will continue for many years to come, bringing with it many sufferings and pains.

A recent incident in these sad and shocking events of Syria is that of a little girl whose tears falling on her cold cheeks have shaken the whole world.

In a video posted on social media, a girl suffering from severe cold in Syria and lack of food described her plight while crying. He said that my sister died of cold but there is no one to save us and help us. Saying this, she wept uncontrollably and her tears streamed down her face.

According to the report of, the clip of the interpreter of the Syrian girl’s current situation spread like wildfire on social media. Seeing the condition and condition of the girl in the video, every eye that had a heartache became tearful.

This is not the cry of a girl from Syria’s trouble. This video is a fresh example of the destruction of humanity in a country ravaged by civil war.

The girl can be heard crying and saying, “My sister died of cold. I don’t know how the whole world is warm except us, we are shivering in the cold. The weather is very cold and we are dying of cold”.

She explained that she lives with her family and is running out of fuel. When she sleeps at night, she does not know whether her limbs are with her or not because her limbs are stiffened by the cold.

He said that his sister had died of severe cold. His family turned on the “heater” and gathered around him to warm themselves from the bitter cold.

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