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The heartbreaking story of children arriving in Qatar without a guardian

Afghan refugee children arriving in Qatar without a guardian or relative are faced with the frequent question in their daily lives, ‘Where are we going?’ And ‘Can I have chips?’

According to foreign media reports, in recent weeks, about 200 Afghan children on flights from Kabul have arrived in Doha, where they are being held in a center where they are struggling with the trauma of unpleasant experiences.

The children, aged between eight and 17, are being cared for by Qatar Charity and other organizations, a relief worker said on condition of anonymity. It’s very difficult to do, all the children are in a state of shock, as we saw with children in areas like Iraq and Syria who have lived in (ISIS) areas.

According to the UN agency UNICEF, since August 14, 300 unaccompanied children have been sent from Afghanistan to Qatar, Germany and other countries, raising questions about how the children arrived at the airport and then on flights to Qatar. Rode? However, the answers are hardly available.

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A French police officer at the gates of Kabul airport described the woman as “throwing her baby at French special forces, who picked her up and handed her over to American medics.” That the child was treated and sent to Doha, he was very young, his mother disappeared in the crowd.The same officer added that a man with three children came to the airport gate and brought them in. They were orphans, he may have used these children to open the door. These children were also sent to Doha.

“Children separated from their parents are one of the most vulnerable and vulnerable children in the world,” said Henrietta Four, head of UNICEF. We manage to find close relatives, but in many cases we do not.

It is a bitter truth that such stories highlight chaos, those stories will be part of the history of this failure.


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