The heart attack of the little Palestinian due to the fear of the Israeli forces, even the United States and the European Union could not remain silent

West Bank: The United States and the European Union could not remain silent on the martyrdom of seven-year-old Palestinian Ryan Sulaiman due to a heart attack due to the fear of Israeli forces.

According to Al Jazeera, riots have erupted over the killing of 7-year-old boy Ryan Suleiman by Israeli security forces in West Sinai. ‘Shocked’ by ‘tragic death’.

On the other hand, Palestinian citizens have protested on the martyrdom of Rayan Sulaiman, the death of the child has once again created a wave of intense protest among the Palestinians, on the other hand, the Zionist forces are also using force unnecessarily.

Israeli forces fired rubber bullets and tear gas shells at the protesters, injuring 5 Palestinians.


Yesterday, the seven-year-old boy of Bethlehem, Rayan Suleiman, was martyred in fear of the Israeli forces. He was escorted to his last resting place by a large number of his friends and Palestinians. found

The grief-stricken parents of little Ryan clutched their child’s body to their chests, crying and praying to the Israeli forces.

Family statement

Ryan Suleiman, a child with bright eyes and a school bag decorated with an animated racing car, was walking home from school on Thursday when he and his brothers were chased by Israeli soldiers.

Salman, Ryan’s older brother, said that Israeli soldiers accused the children of throwing stones at them, that when they ran into the house, the soldiers angrily slammed the door, and threatened to arrest them.

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According to Salman, meanwhile, Ryan, the youngest of the three brothers, died suddenly within moments.

Ryan’s cousin, Muhammad Sulaiman, told Al Jazeera that when he got home, Ryan was chased by the soldiers, who were shouting at him, saying he was throwing stones. Arriving, Ryan saw the soldier in front of him, and cowered in fear, and in the process lost his life in fear.

Heartbreaking event

News of the incident spread like wildfire in the West Bank, sparking public outrage against Israel’s military tactics.

Images of Ryan’s tiny, lifeless body under a sheet in the hospital overnight became a new and powerful symbol of resistance.

Position of Israeli forces

The Israeli army has denied any violence in talks with Ryan’s family, saying only one officer visited the children’s home after seeing them throwing stones.

A military spokesman said the officer spoke to Ryan’s father in a ‘very calm manner’ and left, no one was injured, and no soldiers entered the home.

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