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The head of Russian espionage and the director of the CIA spoke by phone about the situation in Ukraine

CIA Director William Burns.


“This conversation took place at the end of last month,” said the senior Russian official, quoted by the TASS agency.

Narishkin added that “the pretext” for Burns’ call was the failed Wagner Group mutiny, although “much of the conversation focused on the Ukraine issue.”

“We reflected and reasoned about what to do with Ukraine,” said Narishkin, who added that he also did not rule out having a face-to-face meeting with Burns in the future.

Media outlets reported that Burns visited Ukraine last month, an issue that was not raised during the phone conversation with Narishkin, according to the Russian side.

Regarding a negotiated solution to the conflict in Ukraine, the head of the Russian Espionage Service said that the conditions for it “have not yet matured”, although he was sure that this will happen “sooner or later”.

Russia denies that the Wagner Group attempted to seize nuclear weapons during the riot

The Kremlin described as a hoax the statements by the head of Ukrainian military intelligence, Kirilo Budanov, according to which the Wanger Group mercenaries tried to seize nuclear weapons stored in a Russian base during their rebellion last June. international media, on June 24, Wagner’s mercenaries arrived at the Russian nuclear weapons warehouses Voronezh-45, located in the Russian region of the same name.

The head of Ukrainian military intelligence said the Wagnerites wanted to get hold of “small nuclear devices from Soviet times” to raise the stakes.

“If you’re willing to fight to the bitter end, this is one of the facilities that raises the stakes considerably,” he explained, noting that the mercenaries made it to the warehouse but were unable to enter.

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