The Hawks allow themselves a joy

There will not be sweep. Atlanta Hawks had enough pride inside a shell cracked by a very difficult season. Those were the main doubts that the third game of a series that had left Boston with 2-0 and a feeling of enormous (and expected) superiority of the Celtics had to resolve. But in a packed State Farm Arena eager to fuss, the Hawks responded, defended their track (130-122) and allowed themselves a day of joy and pride. They play against one of the two big favorites for the ring, the current NBA finalist and a rival who is going to have to roll up their sleeves, a little at least, to take the stride that still seems logical, the one that will make him overcome the tie without drama. But the Hawks fueled those who want to be (very, very) optimistic. They are alive, which is already a lot.

The message was clear for some Celtics very aware that things were 2-0 and that the Hawks did not seem to have a truly dangerous capacity for rebellion within: you have to work a little more to avoid scares. His defense was far, very far, from what is usual in matches of the first magnitude. The fight for the rebound was a decisive surrender: 48-29 for some Hawks who took 11 in attack in a game that ended in 56% shooting. That’s where the Celtics got confused, that’s why they lost despite their 21/48 in triples. A fact that hides the true story: 15 in the first part, with the trigger unleashed (15/25), and only six in the second. In fact, the missed triples were the great story of the final minutes. Horford, Brodgdon, Smart, and finally Tatum (with 124-121 and before a decisive basket by Trae Young) and Brownthe two already in the last minute, erred from the outside and the victory stayed at home.

The Hawks put effort and determination. And, above all, some tremendous levels of rhythm and success in attack. They had no choice, because the Celtics always seemed to be there, right behind them no matter how much they did. But the disconnections in the trenches of the greens gave them flight, and, with tension and confidence, the difficult shots did not seem so difficult when victory had to be played and it was his rival who left more or less comfortable situations unresolved in attack. Quin Snyder made it clear that when his players score on the outside and open the court, things are much easier… especially for Trae Young. That the Celtics’ defense zone collapses enough for them to help. With good percentages, intensity in the rebound and eager to avoid 3-0, the night was great for the Hawks. For now it is enough for them. That, and trying to get the room out. one way or the other and definitely put pepper to a series that still seems seriously uneven. We have not gone as far in the opposite direction.

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Trae played much more comfortable than in the first two games: 32 points and 9 assists with correct percentages. That brought out the Hawks versionwith Dejounte Murray as squire (25+5) in the backcourt and the work of Hunter and Capela. But the key was, surely, in the appearance of the second unit, which only in the first half added 35 points with 92% shooting. That translated into 74 total points, a first-half playoff record for the Hawks. Bey and Bogdanovic did not miss any shots until the second half, who finished with 15 points each and a total 6/7 in three-pointers.

The Celtics made the rubber for three quarters and, without their maximum levels of intensity, they were in the game until in the last minutes the triples that had sustained them in the first half came off. Tatum finished with 29 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists, much better this time than Jaylen Brown (15 points on 15 shots, 3 losses for 3 assists). Smart (24 and 8 basket passes) tried it in their own way, with a dose of lime and sand (plus the former), and Brogdon led (17 points) as always a second unit in which Grant Williams appeared for the first time in the series, who scored 14 points with a 4/4 triple. These Celtics have enough experience and certainly level not to get nervous about this loss. they also have to play a Little better, especially when it comes to defending and rebounding, to save yourself from scares. Because the Hawks have shown them, at least, that they are not going to stay. Tomorrow, fourth game.

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