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The harsh confession of Alex Schwazer: “I was a junkie, I was going to Turkey to dope”

El marchador italiano Alex Schwazer calienta antes de la prueba de los 50 kilómetros marcha en los Mundiales de Marcha de Roma 2016.

The Italian athlete Alex Schwazer, one of the great figures of Italian athletics and in turn one of the most controversial as a result of his doping scandals, has published his autobiography under the title “After the goal”, in which he recounts the most intimate side of his life and how his ordeal with doping was.

In an excerpt published by La Gazzetta dello Sport Schwazer He confesses that he became addicted to doping substances and that he even lied to his parents and his partner for this reason. “I was a junkie, I was going to Turkey to dope. From Innsbruck to Vienna and from Vienna to Antalya. I told Carolina Kostner (the expat, world champion in 2012, that she was a partner of Schwazer and that she was sanctioned for covering up for him) and my parents that I would go to Rome, to FIDAL. I left my cell phone on at night to get the message from the Turkish phone company. He thought like a drug addict. It was unreasonable. He was willing to lie, because getting high and high also means lying. “

Schwazer confesses that his exclusion from the Tokyo Olympics despite having been acquitted by the Italian justice of the latest anti-doping accusation against him, has influenced the publication of the book. “Perhaps this summer, with the legal acquittal in Italy and the ban to compete in the Olympics, something broke inside of me and I decided to close my stage of the past. I felt ready and gave the book to my coach, Sandro Donati, and to my lawyer Gerhard Brandstätter, to whom I told not to wait for an investigative book, because it was only talking about my life. I couldn’t find the motivation to write 50 pages about how I won in Beijing, doping or what happened before the Rio Games. Many points in my history have been tender, I didn’t want the book to include hateful or resentful thoughts. I did not give space to the people who hurt me or to those who got on the car when I won and got out in bad times. “

The walker also reflects on the ordeal caused by doping, leading him to lose everything. “When I hit rock bottom I wondered how I got to this situation. That day marked the rebirth of the man I had inside and who could not find space to get out. I was in an immense labyrinth and apparently no way out. A labyrinth in which I lost everything: the person who was, my girlfriend, credibility, dignity. Now I’ve gotten out of there. I survived an ambush, a devious and cruel plot that at other times would have annihilated me. “

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