The hard consequences of the Mbappé case

the extended one Dispute between Paris Saint-Germain’s top managers and its star, Kylian Mbappé, has a significant impact on the preparation of the team and the stability of the institution in the short term. As the board tries to uphold the club’s reputation, the player is determined to take the confrontation to the ultimate conclusion. This unprecedented fight without a doubt It will leave visible marks on both sides and its solution remains uncertain, as Le Parisien points out.

But despite the situation The player stands by his decision not to renew his contract with PSG. The president of the association, for his part, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi persists because he feels betrayed, and refuses to allow the return of the team’s top scorer. Both sides have their firm positions and the situation seems deadlocked, with each side resolutely playing their cards on the matter.

deterioration of the footballer’s image

“In terms of image, Mbappe is still the one who loses a lot,” said French agent Bruno Satin. “He blurs his image considerably with this spoiled brats side., all for my face. His postponement also affected his image in Spain.

“All of this is the result of management errors,” the agent continues, “PSG have conceded everything to Mbappé, who probably would have done better to play on a free transfer last year if he wanted to go to Real. And now it is difficult for everyone to correct this mistake.”

Sporting Consequences

One possibility that cannot be ruled out is that PSG will decide to take Kylian Mbappé out of the team for the entire season if he doesn’t renew his contract or refuse a transfer. The option of a renewal seems unlikely under the current circumstances, while the sale is subject to a favorable agreement between PSG and Real Madrid.This is the only option that the player considers.

What would happen if none of these options materialized? According to Bruno Satin, there’s a chance PSG will benefit if Mbappé doesn’t play if he stays, which is the case would demonstrate institutional strength in an unprecedented way. While this decision might surprise some, it would mean a firm and determined stance from the Paris club.

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Undoubtedly, Kylian Mbappé would mean a significant loss for Paris Saint-Germain and a drop in his offensive prowess in the quest for his domestic and European goals. No club wants to be without their best player when they are available. In this situation, however, it seems that the 24-year-old player himself has more reasons to want to leave. Only one year left until the Eurocup with the French team and the Olympics he would like to represent, with personal goals in mind and at a stage in his career where he is enjoying some of his best yearsThe dispute with PSG raises the question: is it worth considering a break?

Millions of euros are at stake

In this situation, there is one team that could gain certain advantages: the Real Madrid, which has a virtual monopoly on this commitment, since offers from other clubs are hardly considered. The rest of the transfer window will be revealing: will the Madrid club come out of nowhere? How much would you be willing to pay if PSG hoped to sell the French star for at least €200m? How much of the good fortune goes to Mbappé? So far, money has been a crucial element in this story.Loyalty bonuses and transfer bonuses play an important role in this.

From the player side The company is trying to make the most of this promotion with loyalty rewards (€80m if he’s still a PSG player on September 1) and the expected transfer bonus from Real Madrid. On the other hand, the club also assures that the considerable sums invested in the player’s loyalty last summer only made sense in the hope of a great sale, otherwise the club’s financial balance would be in jeopardy. Is that just a facade? “It would be a shame to lose Kylian’s services and the money he was able to generate, but if money has really mattered to PSG all these years, you would know by now,” ironically Satin. The end of the fight is near.

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