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The Guaguas does not notice the break and continues its rhythm without concessions

The Guaguas does not notice the break and continues its rhythm without concessions

After many days of hiatus, due to the game that he could not play last day against Melilla, due to logistical reasons, and Christmas in between, CV Guaguas is still in shape and showed no mercy against a Palma Volleyball Club that tried by all means, but was finally defeated 3-0 in the overall meeting.

The insular team began the first set, perhaps, a bit hesitant, until they settled into the match and, from then on, they clearly dominated thanks to Escobar’s accurate serves and Almansa’s shots achieving a 25-14 overall in that first give and take between the two teams.

Once the second set between the two teams began, with the change of court, Volleyball Palma tried to react, so it was very even in the early stages by the visitors, reaching 13-13, with total equality, but Sergio Camarero’s men are a steamroller and do not allow surprises, much less in the CID, as a great strength of the yellows, for which they finally achieved 2-0 in the electronic game by 25-19.

The definitive and last set for CV Guaguas, the Palma Volleyball Club came out with impetus and wanting to fight, but any effort was sterile watching the match of a CV Guaguas that continues its unstoppable marchwinning with authority and waiting for their next prey.

The top island scorers were Matthew Kniggue (10 points), Yadrián Escobar (9) and Borja Ruiz (9).

However, one of the protagonists of the party was Jorge Almansa who, with the solidarity draw for his shirt, contributed 6 points and considers that “the team is very good, very involved and everyone contributes their grain of sand for the group. It’s a pleasure to play in a pavilion as devoted as this one”, but, yes, he warns that “now is when we risk our chestnuts and we have to lower our euphoria and put on the work overalls because now is when the titles are played and we have to climb a step our own demand”.

After this victory, the 13th of the course, leaders and undefeated, The next rival will be Textil Santanderina, next Saturday, January 21, at 5:00 p.m. Canary Islands time (6:00 p.m. peninsular time).


Data sheet

CV Guaguas – 3 Sets:

Miguel Ángel del Amo (0), Paolo Zonca (4), Matthew Knigge (15), Yadrián Escobar (10), Jorge Mimosa (7), Borja Ruiz (12). Also played: Adrián Olalla (0), Renan Bertassoni (0), Brandon Battray (2), Fernando Fernández (4), Lucas Conde (1), Alejandro Fernández (L)

CV Palma – 0 Sets: Sergio Amador (3), Abel Bernal (1), Tom Llot (0), Renzo Cairus (9), Xavi Fresquet (2), Antonio De la Rosa (8). They also played: Miguel Reboredo (0), José Osado (L).

Referees: Mariola Rodríguez Machín and Julio César Santana Limón.

Match corresponding to the 14th day of the Men’s Volleyball Super League 22/23 played at the Insular Sports Center, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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