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The growth of Joaquín Gómez is increasing

The growth of Joaquín Gómez is increasing

Joaquín Gómez from Buenos Aires, winner of the gold medal at the 2018 Odesur Games and Ibero-American runner-up in the same year in the hammer throwing event, has a “good and constant growth”, and will break the national record held by Juan Cerra from Santa Fe since 2001, stated the top specialists in the discipline in the country.

Consulted by Télam, Cerra (first in the absolute Argentine hammer ranking), Andrés Charadía (third) and Adrián Marzo (fourth) agreed to point out the important progress of Joaquín (second), and the same did Daniel Gómez, his father and coach , and the former shooter Germán Lauro, operational technician of the National Teams of the Argentine Athletics Confederation (CADA).

“Joaquín’s growth is really good and constant thanks to the effort and work team he has with his father, who is his coach and everything they put together a long time ago in Domínico, with a lot of perseverance,” explained Télam Charadía, who He played three Olympic Games in hammer throwing and was a double Pan American medalist.

Gómez, 25 years old and emerged from the Avellaneda Municipal Athletics School (EMA), achieved a mark of 76.36 meters on October 30; broke his best record (75.96 of September 29, 2018 in Cuenca, Ecuador); He consolidated himself in second place in the national ranking of all time, and was only six centimeters from the record held by Juan Cerra (76.42) since July 25, 2001 in Trieste, Italy.

“Obviously he is going to break the record. It is about to fall. One establishes the records so that in the future another athlete comes and can overcome it,” said Charadía, third in the permanent Argentine ranking with a record of 74.66 from the 9 of October 1994.

“If we had the possibility of having ten pitchers and they all beat each other day by day, the record practically drops every year. We are having very long cycles of very good athletes,” said Charadía, a silver medalist at the 1987 Indianapolis Pan American Games. and bronze in those of Mar del Plata 1995.

“I think that the Olympic Games in Paris (2024) are a beautiful goal. The theme of a preparation directly towards there must already be in Joaquín’s head, going through all the other commitments they have in that period. Joaquín is a temperamental type very strong and will try everything in its power to go as far as possible, “he estimated.

Gómez, who started competing at the age of ten, is trained by his father Daniel – South American champion Uruguay 1977 and Chile 1985 in hammer throwing. In addition, her sister Daniela competes in the same test and her mother Analía is also a coach and was an athlete.

Gómez, who reached the 2014 World Youth Final in Oregon, United States, in which he finished eighth; He won the gold medal in the Odesur Games in Cochabamba 2018 and the bronze medal in the South American Games of Ecuador 2021, he will compete this Saturday in the Metropolitan Under-14 Championship and complementary tests in the Olympic Park of the City of Buenos Aires.

“The expectations of the record are there,” he admitted, in dialogue with Télam Daniel Gómez, Joaquín’s father and coach, who detailed the technical modifications of the throws that allowed him to improve the marks.

“For two years we have been training very hard with part of the loads in the physical aspect. We had a problem in the launch of the launches that caused discomfort in one of the knees. We were polishing that, modifying the exit in the first turn and Now, with the five turns, there is practically no pressure on the knee, “he explained.

In turn, Lauro, sixth in the London 2012 Olympic Games in shot put; Seventh in the 2013 Moscow World Cup and ninth in the 2015 Beijing World Cup, he considered that Gómez “made some technical corrections and innovations, to keep moving forward. I think he is going to launch much more,” he said.

“I see him very focused and convinced that he wants to be in the world championship next year. The truth is that they have been doing an incredible job, with a lot of dedication and that must be highlighted,” he stressed.

“For Argentine athletics it is a very good thing that these references appear. It does us very good. Joaquín will have his sporting maturity. We hope that he will have great growth and can achieve the objectives that he sets,” he said.

In turn, Cerra, leader of the Argentine ranking in hammer throwing; Olympic representative in Sydney 2000; Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 and London 2012; winner of 13 national titles and who was consecrated nine times South American champion between 1997 and 2011, he also referred to Gómez before the request of Télam. “Hopefully Joaquín makes the record as soon as possible. And that he improves it by many meters,” he emphasized.

For his part, Adrián Marzo, 2001 and 2002 Argentine champion in hammer throw and South American quadruple medalist (silver in Brazil 2001 and Venezuela 2003 and bronze in Argentina 1997 and Colombia 1999), highlighted: “Joaquín is very persevering. He is a boy with a lot of will to train that always seeks to improve the brand “.

“Now he changed his technique and added one more lap to his throws. He is always trying things to improve. He can calmly approach 80 meters with that new five-lap technique,” he said.

“He is a young athlete and in the hammer throw the maturity of the competition is between 28 and 35 years old so he has a lot of time to continue advancing”, completed Marzo.

Finally, Daniel Gómez advanced the next challenges: “First it would be Juan’s national record; second the mark for the Oregon World Cup next year (77.50), third the South American record and later, over time, pass 80 meters. We project ourselves towards 80 meters, which at the South American level is something that has not yet been achieved. “


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